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The story of Mostar Sevdah Reunion begins in 1993 when Dragi Šestić, the producer and founder of the band, recorded an audio cassette called "Biseri sevdaha" (Pearls of Sevdah) with the late Ilijaz Delić. The cassette was distributed in a limited edition among their friends. It was during the war times in the Balkans, and the purpose of the recording was simply to escape from the harsh reality of war and momentarily forget about the suffering.

They made a promise that one day, "the whole world will know about love" when the war comes to an end. They fulfilled that promise by forming the band Mostar Sevdah Reunion in late 1998, making their first demo recordings, and recording their debut album titled "Mostar Sevdah Reunion" in the summer of 1999. Since then, they have been captivating their audience wherever they go. .

The songs on their latest album, "Lady Sings the Balkan Blues," talk about loneliness, a girl who "lies alone and rises alone," aging while waiting for the beloved person, the "first one who caught her eye," an unwanted arranged marriage, desires, dreams... about deep love longing and yearning.

Thematically, this album features kara-sevdah (*kara-sevdah: (Turkish) dark love (meaning - infinite or blind love)), a specific subgenre with the deepest emotions

and particularly demanding performances. On this album, it is worth mentioning that the regular lineup of MSR played: Mišo Petrović (solo guitar), Sandi Duraković (rhythm guitar), Senad Trnovac (drums), Vanja Radoja (violin), Gabrijel Prusina (piano), Marko Jakovljević (bass), with special guests Boris Vuga (accordion), Ivan Sušac (trumpet), and Orhan Maslo (percussion). The lady who brought this album to life with her voice is Antonija Batinić.

Antonija has been performing with Mostar Sevdah Reunion since the end of 2017 at concerts throughout the region and the world. And she has left no one indifferent.

Incidentally, the album reached top positions on the world music charts, including the accolade "TOP OF THE WORLD" by the British Songlines magazine, within the first six months of its release.

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