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Cecilia Barra, front-woman of "Fool Arcana" and one of the voices of "Deaf Kaki Chumpy", is an Italian singer, guitarist, and composer known for her boundary-pushing approach to contemporary jazz and neo-soul. With a passion for expanding the horizons of these genres, Cecilia took her creativity to new heights when she created the Lost Generation(s) project during her time at Berklee College of Music Valencia. Drawing inspiration from influential artists like Hiatus Kaiyote, James Francies, and Robert Glasper, Cecilia's music incorporates their distinct flavors while maintaining her own unique sound and musical identity. Her compositions take listeners on a captivating journey, inviting them to explore her innovative sound research and distinctive originality.
Joining Cecilia on stage are a group of incredibly talented musicians from around the world, each contributing their own exceptional skills to the Lost Generation(s) project. Felipe Ribeiro from Brazil adds his enchanting piano melodies, while Imam Hamdani from the USA showcases his dynamic guitar

playing. Manos Stratis from Cyprus brings a rich and resonant sound to the ensemble with his mastery of the double bass. Finally, Juan Pablo Arias from Colombia sets the rhythm in motion with his energetic drumming.
​Together, these remarkable musicians create a captivating and immersive musical experience that will be showcased at the upcoming festival. Get ready to be mesmerized by the soulful melodies, intricate harmonies, and infectious rhythms as Cecilia Barra and her international ensemble take the stage, promising an unforgettable concert that will leave you inspired and craving more. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary musical journey with the Lost Generation(s) project.

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