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The unbearable smog of Sarajevo and the extremely complex socio-political reality of Bosnia and Herzegovina gave rise to a unique versatile artistic collective called Helem Nejse. It emerged as a need for young, talented students to "roar" through the media space and demonstrate their musical, acting, writing, and production talents. Not so long ago, in 2014, they occupied the radio waves of Bosnia and Herzegovina and launched their first radio show called "Helem Nejse Radio Show," which quickly became the most listened-to show in the country. While working on the content of the collage-style show, various fictional and satirical sketches were created, which soon resulted in their first original theater performance, performed in the packed Kamerni Teatar 55 in Sarajevo, as well as hip hop-reggae style songs that found their way to their first, many would say, classic album "Go u Gostima" (2017).

The lyrics of their songs are about love, social engagement, inspired by real characters and events in the immediate society, often containing witty puns, and many of their verses have become an established part of urban slang in Bosnia and Herzegovina over time. Vrač Momir described Helem Nejse as a "fresh perspective on the world" in an interview with the

Belgrade-based Politika. Their concerts are energetic, demanding physical fitness, and the interaction with the audience and breaking the fourth wall is something that makes them authentic compared to other detergents.

"They incorporate theatrical elements in their performances, which currently sets them apart and truly makes them an irresistible live act. They are refreshing in every aspect because they are young people who express common sense social engagement and critique." (Zoran Stajčić, music critic,

They have performed at numerous festivals throughout the region and Europe, such as OK FEST, Mostar Summer Fest, Exit Festival, Pomurski Poletni Festival, Ferragosto Jam, Seasplash, Kaleidoskop, Dfest, CMC Festival, Asphalt Festival Dusseldorf, BeerFest Bijeljina, and have held dozens of solo concerts in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Vienna, Munich, Mostar, Tuzla, Skopje, and more. In June 2022, they had a fantastic concert with the Sarajevo Philharmonic (56 musicians) as part of Red Bull Symphonica at the Sarajevo National Theatre.

They have released three studio albums, one EP, and over 30 music videos.
"Go u Gostima" (2017) - EMDC
"Pola Čovjek Pola Jedan" (2019) - Croatia Records
"Gluten Tag" (2020) - Croatia Records
"Eco Reggae Session" (2021) - Independent


They have collaborated with major regional stars such as Dubioza Kolektiv, Edo Maajka, Frenkie, Marko Louis, Letu Štuke, Božo Vrećo, Amira Medunjanin, and their most popular hits include "Kabadahija," "Bosnia," "Debili," "Pionirska," "More Than Weed," "Kule i Gradovi," "Go u Gostima," "Maza," and more.

The artistic collective Helem Nejse is also behind the popular regional animated series "Bruca Braca Bruda Brada" and the youth late-night show "Helem Nejse Late Nightmare Show," which have garnered millions of views on YouTube.

With a complete artistic portfolio that includes music, radio shows, podcasts, cartoons, and fictional sketches, Helem Nejse does not fit into a specific genre destination but instead embraces the necessary breadth that directly appeals to a highly diverse audience. However, they describe themselves as "not the best, but the only ones."

The year 2023 is reserved for the release of their fourth studio album, titled "Ozbiljna Zaebancija" (Serious Fun).

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