Zeman Fest Radionice
Workshops are educational program of the festival and will be held in the Cultural centre Novi Pazar.
All the wokshops are open and free to enter.
SevdahLab by Damir Imamović  is a travelling laboratory of sevdah based on research of Damir Imamović. It is an interactive presentation of sevdah, its history and aesthetics. SevdahLab aims not only at those who know of traditional B-H and Balkan music but would like to learn more. 
Ilahi: The spiritual music of Islam and it's historical contest is a lecture by Antonije Tot about the history and evolution of Islamic spiritual music until present time.
Just Listen! is workshop of improvised music tutored by Daniel More. The goal of the workshop is to create a space where people (whether they are novice, amature or even professional musicians) can experience and explore music as a form of communication and self expression while enhancing their listening, improvisation and concentration skills.